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Lavender Wall Flower

Lavender Wall Flower
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Lavender wall flower refers to a type of plant that is commonly grown for its fragrant flowers and attractive appearance. Lavender, scientifically known as Lavandula, is a genus of flowering plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae. It is native to the Mediterranean region but is now cultivated worldwide for its various uses.

Lavender wall flowers are often grown as ornamental plants and are popular for their vibrant purple flowers and distinctive scent. They are commonly used in gardens, landscaping, and as potted plants. The flowers can be dried and used in potpourri, sachets, or as a natural air freshener.

In addition to their aesthetic value, lavender wall flowers are also known for their therapeutic properties. The essential oil extracted from the flowers is used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality. It is also believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Lavender wall flowers are relatively low-maintenance plants that prefer well-drained soil and full sun exposure. They are drought-tolerant and can thrive in various climates. Pruning the plants regularly helps maintain their shape and encourages more blooms.

Overall, lavender wall flowers are a popular choice for both their visual appeal and aromatic qualities, making them a delightful addition to any garden or indoor space.

lavender wall flower

About This Product:

Customizable designs for personalized decoration:Our lavender wall flower decorations can be customized according to your preferences, allowing you to create unique and personalized designs for your events or home decor. Whether you want a specific color scheme or a particular arrangement, we can tailor the decorations to suit your needs.

High-quality materials for long-lasting beaut:Our lavender wall flower decorations are made from high-quality metal and artificial flowers, ensuring durability and long-lasting beauty. The materials used are carefully selected to mimic the appearance of real flowers, providing a realistic and elegant touch to any space. You can enjoy the beauty of these decorations for a long time without worrying about wilting or fading.

Versatile usage for various occasion:Our lavender wall flower decorations are versatile and suitable for a wide range of occasions. Whether it's a wedding, party, home decor, hotel, office, or any other event, these decorations can add a touch of elegance and charm. They can be used as backdrops, table runners, stage decor, or even as props for photo booths. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to create stunning and memorable settings.

Easy to set up and dismantle for convenienc:Our lavender wall flower decorations are designed to be easy to set up and dismantle, providing convenience for any event or occasion. The metal stands and flower rows can be assembled quickly and securely, allowing you to create beautiful arrangements in no time. When the event is over, the decorations can be easily dismantled and stored for future use, saving you time and effort.

Wholesale options available for cost-effective solution:We offer wholesale options for our lavender wall flower decorations, allowing you to enjoy cost-effective solutions for your events or business. Whether you need a large quantity for a wedding or party, or if you're a business looking to resell these decorations, our wholesale options can provide you with competitive prices and excellent value for money. You can create stunning floral arrangements without breaking the bank.

Product Parameters
Typewedding arch with flower row set
OriginMainland China
styleartificial wedding white floral row with arch set
size2m*2m/6.56ft*6.56ft 2.2*2.2m/7.22*7.22ft
package1 set ( flowers+stand)
festival 1Christmas/New year/Wedding/Valentine's Day
festival 2Thanksgiving day/ party/Mother's day/Father's day
festival3Back to school/Earth day/Graduation/New year
occasionDIY Wedding/party/home/hotel/house/table/office/event/ceremony
WholesalesWholesales flower available
typesgolden metal arch with flower row/2m pink white table runner flower/party stage decor flower shelf with flowers/white wedding backdrop layout props

lavender wall flower1

Related accessories:

1. Lavender Wall Flower Wreath: A lavender wall flower wreath is a beautiful accessory that can instantly add a touch of elegance and charm to any space. Made with artificial lavender flowers, this wreath can be hung on walls, doors, or even used as a centerpiece on tables. The soft purple hues of the lavender flowers create a calming and soothing atmosphere, making it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, or even spa-like environments.

2. Lavender Wall Flower Garland: A lavender wall flower garland is a versatile accessory that can be used to decorate various areas of your home. Whether you want to adorn a staircase railing, drape it along a mantel, or hang it on a wall, this garland will add a pop of color and a touch of nature to your space. The artificial lavender flowers are intricately arranged on a flexible wire, allowing you to easily shape and position the garland as desired.

3. Lavender Wall Flower Sconces: Lavender wall flower sconces are a unique and eye-catching accessory that can instantly elevate the ambiance of any room. These sconces feature artificial lavender flowers arranged in a decorative holder, which can be easily mounted on walls. The soft glow of the LED lights incorporated into the sconces adds a warm and inviting atmosphere, making them perfect for bedrooms, hallways, or even as accent pieces in dining areas.

4. Lavender Wall Flower Panels: Lavender wall flower panels are a creative way to bring the beauty of nature indoors. These panels consist of artificial lavender flowers arranged on a sturdy frame, creating a stunning visual display. Whether used as a focal point on a feature wall or as a backdrop for events and parties, these panels will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

5. Lavender Wall Flower Baskets: Lavender wall flower baskets are a charming accessory that can be used to create a rustic and whimsical atmosphere. These baskets feature artificial lavender flowers arranged in a hanging basket, which can be easily mounted on walls or suspended from ceilings. The combination of the lavender flowers and the rustic basket adds a natural and organic feel to any room, making them perfect for kitchens, entryways, or even outdoor spaces.

lavender wall flower1

Related technologies:

1. Realistic Appearance: The latest application technologies in artificial flower decorations focus on creating lavender wall flowers that closely resemble their natural counterparts. Advanced techniques such as 3D printing and high-definition color printing are used to achieve intricate details, vibrant colors, and lifelike textures. This ensures that the artificial lavender wall flowers are visually appealing and indistinguishable from real flowers.

2. Scent Infusion: To enhance the sensory experience, artificial lavender wall flowers can be infused with a subtle fragrance that mimics the natural scent of lavender. This is achieved through the use of fragrance oils or microencapsulation techniques, where tiny scent capsules are embedded within the flower petals. When touched or exposed to air, these capsules release the fragrance, creating a pleasant aroma in the surroundings.

3. UV Resistance: Artificial lavender wall flowers are often exposed to sunlight, which can cause fading and deterioration over time. To combat this, UV-resistant coatings are applied to the flower petals. These coatings act as a protective layer, preventing the colors from fading and ensuring that the lavender wall flowers retain their vibrant appearance even when exposed to direct sunlight.

4. Weather Resistance: Outdoor artificial lavender wall flowers need to withstand various weather conditions such as rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. The latest application technologies involve using durable materials that are specifically designed to be weather-resistant. These materials are water-resistant, fade-resistant, and can withstand the impact of strong winds, ensuring that the lavender wall flowers remain intact and beautiful even in harsh outdoor environments.

5. Easy Installation: Artificial lavender wall flowers are designed to be easily installed and removed. Innovative technologies such as magnetic attachments, adhesive backings, or interlocking systems are used to securely attach the flowers to walls or other surfaces. This allows for quick and hassle-free installation, making it convenient for both professional decorators and DIY enthusiasts.

6. Customization Options: The latest application technologies enable customization of artificial lavender wall flowers to suit individual preferences and design requirements. Customers can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and color options to create a personalized floral arrangement. Additionally, some technologies allow for easy customization of the flower arrangement even after installation, allowing for flexibility in design and creativity.

lavender wall flower2

Product Advantages:

1. Long-lasting beauty: Artificial lavender wall flowers offer the advantage of maintaining their vibrant and lifelike appearance for an extended period. Unlike real flowers that wither and fade over time, artificial lavender wall flowers can retain their beauty indefinitely, making them a durable and reliable decorative option.

2. Low maintenance: One of the key advantages of artificial lavender wall flowers is their minimal maintenance requirements. Unlike real flowers that need regular watering, pruning, and sunlight, artificial lavender wall flowers only require occasional dusting or cleaning to keep them looking fresh and appealing. This makes them an ideal choice for those who lack the time or expertise to care for live plants.

3. Allergy-friendly: For individuals with allergies or sensitivities to pollen, artificial lavender wall flowers provide a safe and allergen-free alternative. These artificial flowers do not release any pollen or fragrances, making them suitable for people who may experience discomfort or allergic reactions around real flowers.

4. Versatility: Artificial lavender wall flowers offer a wide range of design possibilities. They can be easily arranged and customized to fit any space or aesthetic preference. Whether you want to create a romantic, rustic, or modern ambiance, artificial lavender wall flowers can be arranged in various patterns and combinations to achieve the desired look.

5. Cost-effective: Investing in artificial lavender wall flowers can be a cost-effective choice in the long run. While the initial purchase may require some investment, artificial flowers do not require ongoing expenses such as watering, fertilizing, or replacing wilted blooms. This makes them a budget-friendly option for those looking to enhance their space with floral decorations.

6. Year-round availability: Unlike real lavender flowers that bloom only during specific seasons, artificial lavender wall flowers are available year-round. This means you can enjoy the beauty and calming effect of lavender flowers regardless of the time of year. Whether it's winter or summer, artificial lavender wall flowers can bring a touch of nature and tranquility to any space.

lavender wall flower3

Product features:

1. Realistic Appearance: The artificial lavender wall flower should have a highly realistic appearance, mimicking the delicate and vibrant petals of real lavender flowers. This feature is crucial to ensure that the artificial flower decorations blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment, creating a visually appealing and natural ambiance.

2. Durable Materials: The artificial lavender wall flower should be made from durable materials that can withstand various environmental conditions. This feature ensures that the flower decorations can be used both indoors and outdoors without worrying about damage or fading due to sunlight, moisture, or temperature changes.

3. Easy Installation: The artificial lavender wall flower should be designed for easy installation, allowing users to effortlessly mount them on walls or other surfaces. This feature can include pre-attached hooks or adhesive backing, enabling quick and hassle-free setup, saving time and effort for users.

4. Scented Option: To enhance the sensory experience, the artificial lavender wall flower can be infused with a subtle lavender scent. This feature adds an extra touch of realism, creating a pleasant and calming atmosphere reminiscent of real lavender flowers.

5. Customizable Arrangements: The artificial lavender wall flower should offer flexibility in terms of arrangement. This feature allows users to create their desired patterns or designs by easily rearranging the flowers. Customizable arrangements enable users to personalize their space and create unique decorative displays.

6. Low Maintenance: The artificial lavender wall flower should require minimal maintenance. This feature ensures that users can enjoy the beauty of the flowers without the need for regular watering, pruning, or replacing. Low maintenance artificial flower decorations save time and effort, making them a convenient choice for busy individuals or those without a green thumb.

lavender wall flower4

Product parameters:

Product Feature

lavender wall flower6 lavender wall flower7 lavender wall flower8 lavender wall flower9 lavender wall flower10

The lavender wall flower is a must-have for anyone who loves the scent of lavender. It's amazing!


The scent of the lavender wall flower is so calming and refreshing. I can't get enough of it!


I bought the lavender wall flower for my office, and it has made such a difference in the ambiance. Love it!


I absolutely love the lavender wall flower! It adds a beautiful touch to my bedroom decor.


The lavender wall flower is a great addition to any room. It creates a soothing atmosphere.


I'm obsessed with the lavender wall flower! It's the perfect way to bring a touch of nature indoors.


The lavender wall flower is not only beautiful but also easy to use. Just plug it in, and enjoy the scent!


The lavender wall flower is a great alternative to candles. It fills the room with a lovely fragrance.


I've tried many different wall flowers, but the lavender one is by far my favorite. It's perfect!


This lavender wall flower is not only visually appealing but also long-lasting. Highly recommend!


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